Missin, aka Djordje Jeremic, the Serbian upcoming producer is definitely a guy to be followed closely. His dark, deep, decently depressive, yet massive, catchy and harmonious tunes have already caught the attention of The Hive Budapest crew, so after his surprise performance at The Hive Birthday Bash in September, now he is officially back, on the 21st of March, with a proper set full of fresh material.  

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Buunshin is probably the most exciting newcomer in drum and bass currently. As he is visiting Budapest, Hungary within a couple of days, besides his sick teaser, I had the chance to ask him profession-related as well as personal questions. His honesty and thoroughness is amazing — let’s see who this fine Dutch gentleman is!

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The once healthy and blooming countryside scene of Hungarian drum and bass seems to be resurrecting nowadays. It wouldn’t be possible without all the enthusiastic young promoters and crews who, regardless all the difficulties, keep on rocking.  The baZOOka crew from Szolnok is one of their flagships. They are celebrating their 5th birthday this week, so the legendary HLZ was invited to make this day even more memorable.

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Bass Camp Orfű was a prolonged overdose on bass, joy and mates in 2017, too. The friendliest festival in Hungary, where I managed to chat with Compa, aka Will Brown who was, funnily enough, invited by me to play in Orfű. We touched plenty of exciting topics, for instance, his instrumental as well as drum and bass…Continue Reading “Compa: “It was mad, magic, absolutely incredible!” (UnCut version)”

We were lucky enough to have Hydro twice last year: both in summer and winter, owing to the Bass Camp crew. This Friday he is visiting us again: it’s high time we started celebrating his forthcoming album, Lateral Thinking. Bristol-based Hydro has been DJing in clubs for the last 21 years and been releasing records…Continue Reading “‘Lateral Thinking’ LP Launch Party Budapest teaser — Hydro”

On 30th April 2017, James and Andy, the partners in crime of Amoss arrived in Budapest for The Hive Budapest gig. That night was simply perfect, definitely a party to be remembered. Right before that craziness, I sat down with the guys to chat about various issues, such as the strong and obvious connection between…Continue Reading “Amoss interview: “Instead of ego work, let’s just go!” (UnCut Version)”

Generally speaking, DJing is thought to be an individual, sometimes even lonely act. This is one of the many reasons why I find this chat with M-Soul and S27 extremely special and valuable. Not to mention their kind willingness to talk to me right before the gig, organised by the cool Dub Flyers crew

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