Party Teaser: Fre4knc @ The Hive: Fre4knc (Extended Set)

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After his pioneering visit in September 2017, Fre4knc is back in Budapest!  The Hive Budapest crew have decided to invite him based on their poll and yes, we couldn’t be more pleased. Let’s see what Bertran has to offer in his 2-hour long set.

2020 will definitely rock by starting off with this gig on 10th January. We are all stoked to shake a leg very soon, so it’s high time we all started listening to these gems!

“DJ Krust – Soul In Motion

I have 2 of these on vinyl. After all these years, it still sounds great, and the progression in this track is purely amazing. The amount of detail is absolutely crazy and I think this has been a big inspiration for myself. It’s also 10 mins long, lol! I’ve never met Krust in person, but if I do one day, I’m sure I’ll get shy. The old Bristol sound, love it.

Cause 4 Concern & Fierce – Carrier

For me this is an absolute masterpiece. It can’t get any more rolling, in my opinion. Next to the fact it’s a big tune if you play it solo, it’s also a perfect DJ tool. Gotta love the part when the vocal (uh-uh-uh-uh) is coming in at 3 min 20. The first time I heard this was when Matrix was playing in Groningen somewhere in the early 00’s. I remember I was going nuts, but the whole venue, actually. It was way ahead of its time and will always be a classic.

Subwave – Deadhead

This is one of the most forward thinking “dnb” tunes ever. If you play this at an event, there’s always something happening. You’ll see surprised faces, people who have no idea what to do with this, and people who are absolutely digging it. It has to be special when this happens, and yes it is. It’s so dark, different and mysterious! Crazy thing is, this was a free download as well. For me, Subwave is one of the most underrated producers and I’m really happy he’s back with Bop.

Lockjaw – Optics

Now one which came out this year. So simple, unique, energetic and rolling. Always goes off when you play this. It should have had much more attention than it had, so I hope to give something extra now. When Lockjaw is releasing stuff, I’m always hyped for special tunes like this. He absolutely nailed it and I’d love to make a remix. #winkwink

Future Signal – Safe House

Perhaps the intro and breakdown could have a bit more attention, but this tune has one of the best grooves in dnb for my taste. Still goes off if I play this. The mids are evil as it could get, but still it’s really subtle. I also really love that distorted crash/open hat. For me dnb can’t get much better than this, I’ve never heard someone else playing this, though. Maybe I’m weird. ;)”

The local support will be provided by Crism, Dub Personal, Filth Company, Horns and MVRK. Tickets are still available, bee there! 🐝

A magyar változat itt olvasható.

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