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Missin, aka Djordje Jeremic, the Serbian upcoming producer is definitely a guy to be followed closely. His dark, deep, decently depressive, yet massive, catchy and harmonious tunes have already caught the attention of The Hive Budapest crew, so after his surprise performance at The Hive Birthday Bash in September, now he is officially back, on the 21st of March, with a proper set full of fresh material.  

This set is surely going to be stuffed with his sick new stinkers but he thought to share the 5 tracks he will certainly play in Budapest.

1. Misanthrop – Turbine

I start every set with this track as I really love the whole vibe of it. It warms people up really well for all the upcoming tunes in the set, whereas it also lets people breathe a bit and gets their attention.

2. Levela – Gas Mask

The same applies for this one, hahaha… Never left my set, to be honest. It’s just such a great track, I love every single thing about it. It is also suitable for double drops, while it breaks the tension that is being built up by the other tracks before.

3. dBridge – dB vs 45King

I tend to mess things up with this tune. It just gives some room in my set and gives people a small break from dancing but still keeps them involved 🙂

4. Limited – Buss It

Ah, this one! This one just goes off, no matter what. It’s just a tune that is worth a rewind every time I play it.

5. Workforce – Your Moves

To be honest, I don’t usually spin this one in my sets but it is a present. If one track made me vibe since it’s out then this is the one. Never got bored of it, which is not what you’d predict. Actually, it’s such a minimal thingy, really makes you dance. Liquid but it’s just full of positivity and good vibes. Love it!

As for a teaser: you’ll hear a brand new 4/4 drum and bass track by me if you join us in Budapest. I must admit I’m really excited since 4/4 projects have started to become a trend in the scene. It makes me really happy because I have a strong techno background and always wanted to implement it in drum and bass.

The local support will be provided by MVRK, Optic4l Vibes, Phazer, Horns, Filth Company and Cronik. Tickets are still available, bee there! 🐝

A magyar változat itt olvasható.

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